Our Story

About the Tech Frood

In 1982 when I was just 10 years old, I got my first computer; a Texas Instruments TI-994/A (the graphing calculators of today have more processing power than that computer did!) I was immediately enthralled and fascinated with it, as I have been with everything else that has since come along.


I think technology is awesome, and I personally enjoy learning about it because I find it fun and interesting. I understand, however, for some it can be complex, burdensome, and ultimately a source of frustration. Poor technology makes employees less productive, not more. It can be a lot like trying to use a fork to eat soup or a knife to eat peas. From this understanding, my role in helping people get the most from their technology expanded and ultimately, it became my passion.


Growing up I was given the advice that my career should involve doing something I really enjoy. I took that advice and obtained a degree in Computer Information Systems. After working various jobs in the IT field, including 13 years within the insurance industry, and as my passion for helping people with technology grew, I decided to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship. In January of 2017 The Tech Frood was born, and I haven’t looked back. My goal remains simple; to help and support businesses experiencing challenges with their I.T.


Technology should make your work and your life easier. If the technology in your business isn’t working for you and you need help managing it, let’s talk.