More than 40 businesses
in the Asheville area trust
us with their IT.

Tom Fisher, Owner

We build partnerships
with our clients allowing
them the time to focus on
their own business.

Tom Fisher, Owner

Superior IT is an investment.

When your IT works, so
do your people.

Tom Fisher, Owner

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Every week we have conversations with businesses in Asheville about overseeing their IT support. The things we hear are quite common; are your experiences similar?

You are really frustrated with your computers and your I.T.

You hear your team complaining about the technology

Your team is not satisfied with the current I.T. support they are receiving

You are tired of having to work around your technology instead of your technology working around you

It seems like there just has to be a better way

If you are experiencing any of these problems in your business, you’re not alone. Many businesses have the same exact issues everyday and yet, they shouldn’t. How do we know this? Because our team works with some of the best businesses in Asheville (ask us to tell you about some of our clients sometime – they really are the best!)


Often times problems with technology can be easily solved.  For example, slow computers are an easy fix and should not be a hindrance. It’s now 2021, and we have access to the best communication and collaborative tools than we’ve ever had available. Even challenges due to COVID-19 shouldn’t be a reason to hold your business back. Working remotely from home can be quickly and easily implemented for you and your team.


You may already have an IT company providing you service, but how well are they supporting and looking after you? Do you feel you are a valued client in that all your problems are addressed immediately? Are they keeping you from having problems in the first place (we proactively fix many of the problems with our clients’ computers before they even realize there was a problem)!  Do they communicate well with you?


I’m Tom, and I am the founder of The Tech Frood. If you aren’t happy with your current IT solutions or support, then we should talk.


We provide world class managed I.T. support and services but are more than an just an average I.T. service provider. We strive to be a true business partner, allowing our clients to focus on running their own business while we manage their I.T.


Communication is key and as I.T. professionals it is part of our job to communicate effectively with every one of our clients or prospective clients. Not all people have the same comfort level with technology and we pride ourselves on not talking over your head with unnecessary jargon or geek speak and at the same time will never talk down to you.


I.T. should have a very measurable return on investment and should be viewed as just that, not simply a cost of doing business. We strive to show our clients the return on the dollars spent and the value we are able to create, not the expense I.T. would otherwise become.